Post Surgery 


It is recommended that patients receive post-surgical massage therapy in order to help the body heal faster, increase lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, diminish scars, eliminate bruising, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Post–surgical massage should begin one week after surgery after the patient has had their first post-surgery checkup. This treatment uses lymphatic drainage massage combined with treatment using a cavitation machine. 

Our Aestheticians begin each treatment with a systematic analysis and precise skin and body consultation, to help reveal your individual beauty and well-being profile. They gain understanding of your essential concerns to tailor a treatment according to your needs and your expectations. After treatment others will see the changes in you. That’s what we expect to see, an original change.
Our purpose is to enhance your life through Beauty, Harmony, and Well-being. Whether you are our guest for an hour or for an entire day.  We thank you for choosing Body Sculpture by Cris and for giving us the pleasure of serving you.
Our medic spa treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive methods to help improve your face and body.

These Slimming Treatments are designed to help Sculpt and shape your body. All treatments use non surgical and 

non-invasive techniques to help you look your best.